Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aloha Hawaii

More Scottish Indie i'm afraid!

I used to listen to a lot of the stuff, but have been led astray into noisier and dronier American waters of late. But thanks to Blimpy's infectious enthusiasm, the old flame has been rekindled....and imagine my joy when this lovely 10" arrived in my postbox yesterday and the seemingly disparate worlds of Scottish indie and droney noise unify to form one glorious whole!

This is a collaboration between Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai and old Beardey from Arab Strap and I think it's absolutely gorgeous.

Aloha Hawaii


Blimpy said...

hooray hurrah - more scottish indie! i have been dithering over ordering the 10" for ages, and i really should have judging by this - the short samples on the chemikal underground website weren't enough to get any sort of idea really. it really is gorgeous musics alright - lush stuff indeed. you can never imagine mogwai releasing this, more's the pity.

SatanKidneyPie said...

mmmm, Scotish indie. Somewhere floating around in my subconscious is my debut post eulogising about Scottish indie, but I've not had time to sit down and formulate my thoughts properly. And recent posts have stolen my thunder a little....

Anyhoo, that track's simply fantastic. And on 10" you say, what could be better?

Japanther said...

SKP - What could be better? Not much! in my narrow but simplistic world that is! I can't stop listening to this track at the moment, glad you liked it. Looking forward to your Zen of Delgados post!

Blimpy - the B-side ain't nearly as good, so if you've DL'ed this, that's all you need really. And you're right that it isn't quite Mogwai material....perhaps the perfect balance between Mogwai and Moffat's Lucky Pierre stuff????

Blimpy said...

@SKP - there can never be too many posts about Scots indie if you ask me! bring it on!

@mr the panther - job done then!

saneshane said...

I would do a post about more Scots indie.....

but I may be slightly too drunk:

Pip Dylan and his amazing unique instruments was cool... new stuff at the start in his own voice.. to me was an improvement. He played the sit on drum to perfection for all throughout the night.

HMS Ginafore just wanted to go home.. I think I would fall slightly in love with her (if i wasn't already with ms sane)

they've been out of Scotland for 15 days.. must be too much!
Was going to chat but have just come home to listen to 'Love + Hate = Hate' her album with King Creo

He was funny as....
and even with Uncle Beesly mythering about stuff it was cool..

but really I don't think they want to tour England again soon!!

So you got floor space for their festie in April then Bimply?

Blimpy said...

top review shane - i have the love+hate=hate cd, was it the songs off that that hms ginafore and KC sang? it's an odd record, i'd hoped it'd be duets, but alas.

saneshane said...

hms ginafore did songs from that Blimpy
(sorry about the letters in the wrong order- you should see my hand writing when I don't have spell check)
and KC added one song from it later in his set- it IS a weird way to do and album- KC did a sort of round up of his well known (BETTER Known- should I say) songs and a smattering of stuff from the up coming album.

As is their want.. they joined in on each other sets.. dropped in and out and basically made it an evening of laid back beauty..

(and I found they have grabbed DE ROSA (who I love- and are not playing any where near here) for the Fence pre-season friendly in Anstruther.

I got to finish a t-shirt design by the end of the night.... hope to be back with some nature songs.

Aidan Moffats 'a scenic route to the isle of Ewe' anyone?

Blimpy said...

cool cool.

the fence pre-season friendly in anster is a go, my friend drums for one of the bands playing, and i've just been getting into de rosa in the last couple of weeks- you can get a free mp3 from chemikal underground records from their upcoming LP.

saneshane said...

tell de rosa to come and play in Norwich.. I like them loads- Blondie/Pixies influence over ridden by pure Lanarkshire-ness (it's late I'm not going to check this)

sounds like so much fun.
will get the mp3 tomorrow but do hope they'll release the album on a satisfying fat slab of vinyl.. they suit it don't they!

better sleep now.. the sons four year old friends birthday party tomorrow (their dads drum kit in back room so not too bad and air hockey!!)

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Japanther - spending Sunday morning catching up on some 'Spill listening. This was a good start - not something I'm familiar with at all - to me Scottish indie is The Pastels, early Primal Scream, The Shop Assistants, The Jesus & Mary Chain etc. etc. - but that's my age I suppose...