Friday, February 6, 2009

it's caper time...

adventure has been a tough one.. it's so easy to go down the traveling route... i'm hoping some of these are new to you lot... if anyone has any tracks sampling the Italian Job please post.. (I think 'it's caper time' got in on soundtracks)
1- Supposed to be a Gas Regular fries
2- Song About Traveling The Innocence Mission
3- The Runaways I Am Kloot
4- The Ride Of Your Life Gift Of Gab
5- going south-adrenalin mix The Wolfgang Press
6- The Escapist The Streets
7- Holiday Abroad Shack
8- Ride Into The Sun Luna
9- Any Port Non-Prophets
10-Majic Flat My Computer
11- Wicked and Weird Buck 65
12- Good Ship Celebration
(and I'm not comfortable enough with dropbox to try this on there yet!)
1 gas
2 traveling
3 runaway
4 the ride
5 going south
6 escapist
7 abroad
8 sun
9 any port
10 majic flat
11 wicked
12 good ship


Blimpy said...

Big up Buck 65!

Japanther said...

Regular Fries! Yessssss!

DarceysDad said...

Don't have time to listen; packing the car and leaving the house in under 6 hrs, but as Shane mentioned Dropbox - I haven't got a bloody clue how to make any of that stuff work. It's installed itself because I've got the mini-icon and get pop-up messages about file updates, but I can't access anything. Maybe when I get back ...

tincanman said...

email me when you get back and we'll see whats up.

Mnemonic said...

For files in your dropbox:

Go to iTunes, hit "File", hit "add folder" (or file) to your library and then select whichever folder or file you want to add. If you already own some of the tracks you may get duplicates but they are easily deleted.

Blimpy said...

Why were Luna never bigger?

saneshane said...

depends on the date blimpy
sometimes big..
sometimes half...

the cycle is changeble.