Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Save comp memory for better things

Digsby is a newish 'next big cool thing' that lets you run and manage all your IM, email, and social network (including facebook, my space, etc) accounts from one easy to use application. Download, install, follow simple step by step instructions, presto - you all done. Can use for Linux, Windows and Mac.

It works great and is only a fraction of the drain on your comp that running all these things seperately does. (I've tried it out using Mrs Tin as a guinea pig cause she does all that social and chat crap, and it works great).

Oh, and it is free. It does ask if you want to install various toolbars and crap at the startr of the install, so just click DECLINE on each of those windows and it loads clean.



Shoey said...

It's probably just me, but all this online "social networking" seems a bit crap (apart from the 'Spill of course).

Think you'll be a shoe-in for 'Spill Chief Information Officer come the elections. I'm think I'm up for the post of officer in charge of stuff you didn't like much the first time around. I'm sure there are many other positions available: e.g Director of Scottish Indie & Toto (not sure where we'll find a candidate for that one).

tincanman said...

I don't do the social networking stuff myself cause I'm asocial, but I know pretty well everyone else does. I remind myself that at one point Copernicus was thought daft, which has nothing at all to do with me or the strength of my convictions, I just really like saying Copernicus and it distracts me from ......

As for the bands you don't like first time around idesa, I like that. Except I think it was you introduced me to Airborne Toxic Event, which I liked first off and are my current passion. (Aside from working on my rap interpretation of the abridged works of Copernicus, of course)
Ya got the sun over der
Yo got the earth over here
And stars and moons and stuff like that
Well homey let me be straight wif you
You ain't no
Co per ni cus, Gus

...Sure hope the mail comes soon so I can get on with my day. Mrs Tin's waiting on a package.

treefrogdemon said...

I'm on Facebook, but only because a friend invited me and I was amazed by what some people post. For instance, I always thought that if you were a woman it was not a good idea to post a picture of yourself, in case you attract unwanted attention...but everybody does. And they tell you all sorts of things...(some that you'd rather not hear)