Saturday, February 7, 2009

i like b-sides, for what it's worth

I've not tried this and haven't caught up with RR tunes to listen to never mind searching for even more new stuff, but some of you may have interest in this.

Web-based application i like b-sides takes a peek at your uploaded iTunes library and, based on your listening habits and collection, suggests new tracks to check out.

To use i like b-sides, browse your computer to find the XML file that contains your iTunes database—and consequently all of your music information, most frequently played songs, rated songs, etc.—zip it up and upload it on the webapp's main page. Once you've uploaded your musical fingerprint, i like b-sides analyzes your library and suggests new music that you may be unaware of, as well as songs in your collection that you may have overlooked.

The site suggests a few dozen songs at a time, with audio previews and purchase links for the iTunes store and Amazon. If the suggestions seem a bit off, you can always hit the shuffle button and get a whole new list of suggestions.

i like b-sides


bethnoir said...

That sounds good, but I'm lazy. I think can do a similar thing, especially if you check out the neighbours section which finds people who like similar music to you, and see what else they like, plus you don't have to do anything very complicated :-)

Blimpy said...

aye is great for this, and is informed by proper music fans. the itunes "genius" function has ripped it off of late, but sucks for the most part.

bethnoir said...

I didn't like the 'genius' thing, too obvious and boring in its suggestions and I felt like it was spying on me so I disabled it :-)

ejaydee said...

The "Genius" function is badly named.
I'll try b sides to see what's up.