Monday, February 9, 2009

New Camera Obscura (at last!)

Here's one I've been waiting for for what seems like bloody ages - the sublime sounds of one of Glasgow's finest bands - Camera Obscura have returned at last! 

This is the title track from their new LP and is being offered as a free download on their website.

Uplifting melancholia doesn't really get any better than this! 


saneshane said...

Did you notice the page you get it from is copyright TINCAN LTD...
so a few copy of the album please tincanman

(I have no life!)

Blimpy said...

i did not notice that!

share the joy, tinny!

(ps do any spillers twitter?)

Blimpy said...

oh, i got my phantom band LP in the post last week, and bloody good it is too. Must post about it.

Blimpy said...

i need a new record player - mine seems to be haunted by the late great John Peel and plays stuff at the wrong speed - any recommendations?

saneshane said...

first off I'd hit the right button then you wouldn't need to spend any money..
if you want to help the failed economy and buy buy buy.. then these look fun:

Phantom band is very a worthwhile post

and don't twitter just sell your information (I guess everyone does- but they were outed as being 'couldn't care less' about it) sorry lawyers all I read on the interweb is true!!!!

Blimpy said...

i have been looking at pro-ject decks, there's several on ebay just now selling for only a few quid.

i don't know how much twitter would get for me tweeting "hmmmm. what shall i have for lunch?"

i think it's more facebook who recently decided to make more bucks outta us plebs.

saneshane said...

Charlie B has his say.

Blimpo said...

actually that's what got me started this morning, I am now a brooker "follower" on twitter. Gotta love procrastination!

steenbeck said...

I facebook a bit, it's fun to see which ghosts will turn up to haunt you. But it's no 'Spill. Not even close.

My boys like to sing Super Trouper (after I played it 5,000 times) but they sing "Super Trooper, MC Party pooper." Makes me giggle every time, for some reason. MC Party pooper

Blimpy said...

steen - that's really funny.

You should hear my 5 yr old attempting to rap along to Dizzee Rascal's "Pussy'ole" - i had to tell him that Dizzee was saying "pussy owl" instead.

Japanther said...

Nice tune Blimpy

...and i'm in the market for a new deck myself....those Pro- Ject desks look well nice, but Mrs Japanther insists it has to be "simple/retro (i.e made of wood!) but not too big, you know, i hate those massive ones" as it has to fit in with the carefully chosen interior....i've been looking for the past year (old Panasonic etc) or so, but all the old ones are huge clanking devices...any ideas?

Mnemonic said...

Have you checked the driveband? Mine just needed that replacing, although it was difficult to find one for a twenty-year old turntable.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Blimpy - excellent track. I've had Camera Obscura on my list of bands-I-really-must-check-out-sometime for ages. Very 'Concretes' - me like...

tincanman said...

Is there a RR group on facebook?

I'm not on facebook (yet?) just cause I don't want the whole world to know my underwear size, but it seems to be becoming one of those things like an email address that its harder and harder to do without, so we'll see.

As for Tincan management, I thought I'd branch out from sitting around on my arse all day. Am currently looking for established bands which require little or no work or starting out bands with no hope which require little or no work. Yes, this means I shall be too busy doing nothing much to manage the RR Jug Band.

steenbeck said...

I doubt anyone would want to blend the worlds of RR and facebook, because one is delightfully anonymous and one is ridiculously revealing.

Anonymous said...

But which is which?

Anonymous said...

Who said that?

glasshalfempty said...

Brill track, blimpo. Looking forward to the album.

And talking of free tracks, there's a free downloadable sampler album from Full Time Hobby with the following track list:

1. Tunng - Take
2. Fujiya & Miyagi - Dishwasher
3. Micah P. Hinson - Tell Me It Ain't So
4. White Denim - Mess Your Hair Up
5. Malcolm Middleton - A Brighter Beat
6. The Accidental - Illuminated Red
7. The Hold Steady - Your Little Hoodrat Friend
8. Viva Voce - Lesson No. 1
9. Autolux - Turnstile Blues

All you have to do is sell your soul to the devil, AKA sign up to a mailing list at

Blimpy said...

I am a massive fan of 3 of those bands on full time hobby. Come on Autolux! Release the new LP!!!

Japanther said...

Thanks for that GHE, am downloading it as I type - looks great.

Not on the comp. but School of Seven Bells on Full Time Hobby are ace too!

saneshane said...

another 11 tracks here with no sign up or anything if any one has missed it. songs by:

Andrew Bird
Beirut / Realpeople
Howling Bells
Nikel Eye
Octave One
Jesse Rose feat. Hot Chip
Daft punk is playing in my house by Magic Arm

delete what you don't want!