Saturday, February 28, 2009

Drug Of The Nation

Feed The Enemy
The Barry Williams Show
Soap Commercial
Transworld Siren
Talk Show Host
Twin Peaks
TV Stars


steenbeck said...

Finally getting around to listening...good list, as usual Shoegazer. I like TV, Talk Show Host and TV Stars best, I think.

nilpferd said...

Twin peaks brought back memories.. I'd forgotten that show, one of the last TV series I watched..
Also liked the Transworld Siren, reminded me of K&D..

Japanther said...

unbelievably, i've never seen a single episode of Twin Peaks (mind you, i've never had a cup of coffee, a Big Mac or seen Star Wars (any of them!), so maybe i've lived a sheltered life!)....but I really liked this theme tune.
Transworld Siren was just my cup of tea too!