Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain & Sun, part 1, rain

I think it's Going to Rain Today--Nina Simone
Didn't it Rain--Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Elmore James--The Sky Is Crying
Come Rain or Come Shine--Billie Holiday
I Can't Stand the Rain--Ann Peebles
Buckets of Rain--Bob Dylan
A Little Bit of Rain--Karen Dalton
Rainbirds--Tom Waits
Rain From the Sky--Horace Andy
Loraine--Linton Kwesi Johnson
More Than Rain--Tom Waits
Rains on Me--Tom Waits
Rainy Day Dream Away--Jimi Hendrix
Go Ahead in the Rain--ATCQ
Rainy Dayz--Raekwon


steenbeck said...

Boxstr is working again!! I think they sorted it out. And I can't believe I forgot Buckets of Rain, which has to be before the Karen Dalton to make it all work, doesn't it? It's there now. Sorry about 3 Tom Waits, but can you believe he had more songs about rain that I didn't use? Of course you can!

AliMunday said...

Some great songs, the Ann Peebles track is superb, I'd forgotten how good it is.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening AliMunday.

I know there are too many songs anyway, but I felt the need to add Elmore James. It's funny because according to my files on Boxstr the most listened to song is Karen Dalton, and I have to confess that her voice makes Mr. Steenbeck's teeth curl. And then I was thinking a lot of people feel that way about Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, too. Haha! Good listening, baby!

nilpferd said...

Sitting in a dull hotel on a drizzly, cold evening the following rainy songs come to mind:
Eurythmics, Here comes the rain again

The Chills, Rain.. featured on the Nerdcast- one of my favourite ever songs..

Straitjacket fits, Hail
Another fav from student days..

steenbeck said...

Hey, Nilpferd!

I just had the realization that these are almost all American songs, which seems strange, considering rain...

But I only have a few lines from others..

The Rain falls hard on a humdrum town...

From where Im sitting, rain
Falling against the lonely tenement
Has set my mind to wander
Into the windows of my lovers

Off to eat some pancakes

nilpferd said...

That line from William, it was really nothing.. really summed up my home town in winter..