Sunday, February 8, 2009

Next time I say let's go some place like Bolivia...

Watch Me Go - Richard Thompson
Henry Martin - Joan Baez
Sovay - Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
Gold Rush Brides - 10,000 Maniacs
King Henry's Conquest of France - Richard Thompson
Shades of Gray - Robert Earl Keen


ToffeeBoy said...

Why are 10,000 Maniacs not the most popular group of all time - did they ever record a duff track?

I didn't recognise the title (it's from one of their later albums (Our Time In Eden) which I don't know as well as In My Tribe and Blind Man's Zoo) but it's a lovely song. Thanks for reminding me of it.

And thanks for the Butch and Sundance pic. It's from my favourite scene in the film - or at least the scene that contains my favourite bit of dialogue:

Butch: Then you jump first.
Sundance: No, I said.
Butch: What's the matter with you?
Sundance: I can't swim.
Butch: Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.

I could watch that film every week and not tire of it....

treefrogdemon said...

Me too, TB - I was obsessed with the film for several years and once travelled as far as Wolverhampton (from Shrewsbury) to see it. I've seen it more often than any other film. I used to say: when I'm rich and famous I'll have a private cinema and a copy of BC&tSDK so I can see it whenever I like...and now of course I find I didn't need the rich and famous part - all I need is a DVD player.

It always annoys me when it's described as a 'comedy Western' when to me it's deeply sad...with funny bits of course.

"You still thinking in there, Butch?"
"What the hell else is there to do?"

steenbeck said...

I love that movie, too, TFD. Paul Newman...sigh. Robert Redford, not so much for me. Well, not at all really.

I liked the Joan Baez track very much. I always like here in theory, but not always in practice, but this song, something about that descending scale, I'm sure there's a special name for it--but it's almost jarring. I dunno, I liked it a lot.