Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are you being throttled?

I'm not tech savvy enough to promise the answer this gives is right, but I did get it from a very good source.

It's called glasnost, and is a web site which sends a mock torrent to and from your machine to test if your ISP is throttling torrent traffic. It takes but a few minutes to run, and you'd want to do it in prime time when the ISP is most likely to be up to tricks.


Blimpy said...

Nice one Tinny! I have been wondering!

I'll give that site a shot, and get back to you.

But wither the related picture and tenuously linked mp3?

Blimpy said...

According to that website, I seem to be okay - no flies on Plusnet.

Talking of torrents - did anyone like Generation Kill? I dled the 1st ep.

tincanman said...

I've not had time to listen - still trying to catch up with Luck tunes.

Shoey said...

Not a big fan of Torrents - it seems like the fastest way to pick up a virus as you have to open up your firewall. Having just removed a nasty piece of Trojan mallware from the pc I won't be playing with this anytime soon.

Blimpy said...

As a mac user, at this juncture i have to say:

"what's a firewall?"
" what's a virus?"
"what's malware?"