Saturday, February 7, 2009


Boxstr is driving me crazy, so I've just posted some I already had in my files plus some youTubes. Been stupidly busy this weekend, so I don't have time to fuss with it, or listen to anybody else's...Sorry. I'll try to sort it all out tomorrow.

Black Jack Davey
Black Jack Davey
Neighborhood #2 Laika
J'ai Marie un Ouvrier
Banjo Pickin Girl


steenbeck said...

Oh, and I should say some others are available at drop box, thanks to the great generosity of Tincanman.

Blimpy said...

So, you managed to hotlink form dropbox? what the fuck is up with boxstr?! I'm gonna demand my monkey back!!

steenbeck said...

No, I didn't link from drop box, I had some of these in my boxstr account.

Blimpy said...

black jack davey is indeed a classic!

Japanther said...

Finally getting some 'Spill listening time....ace stuff Steen....hadn't heard that WS song before (I'm guessing Dylan's is the original or it's an old traditional song) - but I loved it!

Really like the banjo tune too.....definitely not enough banjo around....although I see Steve Martin is trying to raise the profile of the humble instrument..