Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cathode Ray Hearth

Busy Girl Buys Beauty
Atom Tan
16 Military Wives
Dream TV
The Whole World
The Instrumental
She Watch Channel Zero
Sly Fox
Danger Doom--Old School


nilpferd said...

Another fine Lupe Fiasco track, Steenbeck.. I like Channel Zero, too- are they broadcasting that in Europe?
A.T.H.F. and Sly Fox also great- that squelching guitar in the background of A.T.H.F. sounds familiar..

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Nilpferd, thought you'd like Danger Doom, since you now own more MF Doom albums than I do. Try Old School. It's my new fav track!

Japanther said...

just to let you know people are listening (the playlst was (part of) my accompaniment to a 2 hour wait in the immigration office this afternoon, just for the pleasure of handing in some forms!)
Donds for Atom Tan, She Watch Channel Zero and really liked A.T.H.F which i'd never heard (of) before.