Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remix Thursday


I like a good remix and Dirty Funker is one of my favorite remixers - So here's a selection for all you 'Spill funkers. Get your dancing shoes on and name that tune (easy one this). Anyone else have some good remixes?


Japanther said...

liked the first track Shoey (still listening to the others) - i've got some pretty mental Breakcore remixes of Nirvana songs...i'll post them up later..

saneshane said...

I was listening to this last night while trying to work.. (I want that record sleeve).. and japanthers...

it led to a 60 song remix folder and a very late night early morning.. I have a soft spot for pop(!) stuff re gigged and mixed with more obscure stuff..

I had been thinking of this because of people having duplicates in itunes.. why do I have 8 mixes of slow bongo floyd? 7 'heart it races'!! I was going to say, what was I on, but.. Youth and Two Dogs lemonade doesn't explain everything.

good stuff anyway...