Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun, fun , fun in the fluffy chair...

Well, it seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating the DKs as the vanguard of "punk" and looking to them to rip to shreds all establishment icons , scathing cynicism embraced as Raygun and Thatch tried to push us all closer to MAD and put us all under surveillance...They've not managed that have they? I've been watching and waiting over the last 25 years for a band / singer / lyricist to step into Biafra's sneakers, but don't see anyone....Biafra's lyrics are intelligent, cutting and often funny. But most of all they attack the targets that needs attacking...I've always hated MTV and although my little gremlin-ites watch it, i've only ever seen one or 2 decent clips on and it hardly pushes the boundaries...The DKs have done well A List-wise so can't complain but this should be a dead cert. There doesn't seem to be any decent footage of "TV Stars" by the Skids but that's another dead cert. "Albert Tatlock...!"

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Japanther said...

just catching up on some listening and reading....this is great Gremlin!
The influence of the DK's shouldn't be underestimated, they practiced what they preached and inspired a generation of smalltown American kids to do the same as well as going global.

There are plenty of decent political punk and hardcore bands these days, you just have to dig a little deeper. I'm concerned what will happen now we have Obama though, he's pretty much doing what all of these political groups and bands have been calling for...what are they going to sing about now??!