Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dropbox access

As some of you may know, we are trying out a utility called Dropbox which lets us share tunes.

Most of the tunes nominated this week are available, for instance.

Dropbox is open to all Spill members, but works by invite only so you'll have to email if you want an invite emailed back to you.


The Metatron said...

Blog admin reserves the right to add pictures if there are none.

tincanman said...

But how did you get my passport photo?

Blimpy said...

ah, the internet moves in mysterious ways...

Japanther said...

Dropbox is incredible...that's gotta make Maddy/Rob's job a whole lot easier.

Did you find and upload all of those yourself tincanman? If so, thanks for putting my noms up there!

tincanman said...

Yeah I put in as many noms as I had/could find to see how it works. If people have dropbox and put in stuff as they nom it, it'll sync among our PCs and we'll wake up Friday morning to a folder full of this week's noms ready to play or put on iPod. In theory - beautiful. In practice (bandwidth, for one thing), we shall see.

RE 2 gig limit. I had thought my 50gig dropbox would be enough, but turns out dropbox doesn't work that way, and the RR portion is limited by the lowest capacity of its members. I have set up a second dropbox for testing, and the login for everyone will be the same. So it'll be as if we are all one user on multiple PCs. Once I test that, if it works, then we can spring for one £99 upgrade to 50gigs for everyone. But that's just a concept at the moment. It works with a copuple PCs, but 25? (and one weakness would be if someone hasn't allowed enough space on their PC, they'll come down in the morning to a full PC and a bunch of MP3s spilled out all over the floor.

So baby steps. If it ends up being of use to us, great. If not, nothing wasted yet but some time.

Keep feedback coming everybody!