Friday, February 27, 2009

Television seeks viewer

Songs which fit the Nilpferd relationship to TV.. we hardly ever watch it, so our only connection is through memories of old programs we saw as children..

The Headless Chickens with that feeling you get in your dreams.. orchestral pop from one of the more influential flying nun groups of the nineties..

Shane Carter of Bored Games remembers being in awe of Joe 90.. joyous post-punk from down under..

Coldcut with Jello Biafra, for Shoegazer, followed by Pressure Drop's Unity, to get the ending of the track, as it's off a remix cd, Coldcut's Journeys by DJ..

Bored Games- Joe 90

Coldcut with Jello Biafra- A message from our sponsor

Pressure Drop- Unity

Finishing up with the aural equivalent of a test pattern, perhaps.. the gentle ironic jazz of Skalpel's Sculpture, with a fine video featuring a TV..


Shoey said...

Jello's back, and he brought Coldcut with him. Thanks, Nilpferd.

The Joe 90 reminded me of Captain Scarlet that reminded me I forgot to nominate Mysterons by Portishead.

nilpferd said...

You're welcome, Shoey.. Mysterons in turn reminded me to add some mysterious Ninja Tunes electronic jazz, Skalpel's Sculpture.. not really about TV, but one features in the vid..

saneshane said...

I remember Bored games for the brake going into hand claps near the end -perfect.

Coldcut is absolute class as ever t'was a special release.

love the skapel

(I did get your cd by the way- mentioned it on RR but I think you might of been away- and I am getting 'round to yours- it's quality control with me- I have none! that's why my playlists are too long.. plus people have been demanding me to work, the fools.. soon. you'll get some soon)

nilpferd said...

Cheers shane- glad the cd arrived, I did miss your comment on RR, have also been facing totally unreasonable demands to work from fools recently.. looking forward to yours, no hurry though as I've got plenty of other things I ought to be doing...