Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Competition time!

It's Design-a-new-'Spill-logo competition time!

Entries are accepted in two ways:

1. Either a jpeg sent via the sidebar email
2. A good idea in the comments section of this post

Winner gets their logo on the blog, to be seen by thousands! 


DarceysDad said...

I'm no artist, even digitally, but the thought that did occur is that the letters in "The 'Spill" could be taken from typefaces on some classic albums, blackmail-note-style.

steenbeck said...

I made one. Should I post a picture of it on the spill, or should it be for Blimpy's eyes only until the decision is made?

Blimpy said...

Ha hay - we're off and rolling! Cool!

@DsD - if you provide the names of the albums, I can do the rest

@steen - it would be cool if i got them, that way they won't influence other entries. Send it to me! Me! Me! Me!

nilpferd said...

I had an idea that you could photoshop a shot of Niagara Falls so that not water but LP's(silvery cds might look nicer) were tumbling over the edge. Might be a bit tricky with the resolution though.
Alternatively a Dali-esque skewed vinyl blob could be getting tipped out of an inclined turntable. Supplementary visual jokes of a sexual nature optional.
It might be possible to combine a full glass of champagne on a turntable with a cocktail olive and toothpick for the pickup arm.
Any ideas, Anonymous?

DarceysDad said...

Actually, that's not easy at the moment. All my music (bar the PC's digitised stash) is boxed away whilst the office is being decorated! And I wouldn't want to monopolise this, so I'll just suggest:

An L from The Clash's London Calling, probably. The other from the classic Led Zep logo?
The T from DBT's The Dirty South, please.
A Pixies P, maybe?

Anyone else want to chip in?