Sunday, February 10, 2008

So if Marvin is too obvious, here's a twist ...

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Dorian had a bit of a plea in this week's header to not just give him clichéed Marvin Gaye nominations. What was the first thing I gave him??

[Sigh!] - Me & Our Guru ain't getting along too well at the moment!

So here's the song most likely to get me back on the blog before Monday's cut-off: it's still Marvin, but with a rock head on.

I know Blimpy loves this, but what about the rest of you?


ejaydee said...

This was a hit for me on your NSCD, which reminds me that I still owe some kind of review. This week I'm trying to only second songs I think fit the theme, not just songs I like, so on any other theme you'd have my dond.

scarymonster said...

Hi DsD

Always partial to a little Mark Vidler, but I think his take on Tweet's 'Oops', which he couples with XTC's 'Nigel' is astonishing. No access to my mp3 of it though, but worth sharing if you have it.


DarceysDad said...

No I don't have that track, SM. What does he call it? Might save me some time looking.

Anonymous said...

bestest mashup, that. still to be topped!

has anyi=one heard the snoop/huey lewis one? awesome!

blimpos mctavish