Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Laura Marling update!

I finally got the Laura Marling album! Lovely stuff, and a critique may be forthcoming after I've properly digested it  - it's the first "new" album I've bought this year! Well, when I say "bought" - really it was a Valentines gift from Mrs McF, as we had V-day yesterday (we had afternoon tea and bought 5 cushions, 4 tables, 3 plates, and a teapot.)

Here's another of Laura's videos, this time for "Ghosts"

If any 'Spillers want some sampling mp3s, lots can be found via the good old Hype Machine as per usual. 

Laura isn't free single of the week on itunes anymore, but she has been replaced by the equally wonderful Sons and Daughters!


ejaydee said...

I like New Romantic. Ooh also you might like Soko. I've been liking I will never Love You More by her

Blimpy McFlah said...

New Romantic isn't on the album! I was quite suprised by that too!

I will check out Soko, thanks for the tip!

TracyK said...

LOVE it! What a gorgeous voice...