Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scores of scores

Turns out all it takes is a little complaint and Podbean is nice to me again.

I had forgotten this:

Hung Up On My Baby by Isaac Hayes, from Truck Turner's essential companion, Three Tough Guys, although I have yet to see the latter.

Love the chimey way the guitar sounds.


nilpferd said...

That's another great Isaac Hayes track. Love those brass stabs, the rhythm, the smooth riffs. That chiming guitar sound is reminiscent of George Benson, who picked it up from Wes Montgomery, in turn influenced by Charlie Christian.
Especially the playout is very Bensonesque.
I'm betting you'd also like Grant Green's late 60's- early 70's funk albums.

ejaydee said...

I have some Grant Green, but I have no Charlie Christian. I've read about this 4cd box set, but I think it's too much to be introduced to anyone, would you recommend something? When it comes to 60s-70s jazz guitar stuff, I really like Gabor Szabo.

nilpferd said...

I'm just getting into Charlie Christian myself actually. The Columbia album "The genius of the electric guitar" is a good start. He died, very young, in 1942 so there aren't really any albums of his work, just compilations of recordings he was involved in. A lot of his best work seems to have been with Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton. Despite his brief life he is generally regarded as the originator of electric jazz guitar, this certainly comes through in the few pieces of his work I've heard.

nilpferd said...

Further to that, I was just down at my local specialist and he recommended the Dreyfuss release "Charlie Christian"- Swing to bop , which I bought- sounds good on first listen. The sound quality is also great as Dreyfuss remasters his picks.

ejaydee said...

That's what I've read about Charlie Christian, I've only heard him on some collaborations, like with Charlie Parker. I'll have to see if I find anything here.