Monday, February 25, 2008

Nothing Like This by J Dilla

A blog on the Guardian reminded me of this:


nilpferd said...

A brilliant track, equally brilliant video. Is that off Chrome Children? I listened to it once and was unimpressed, but it sounds like I need to try again. Do you know Ammoncontact- they sound quite similar to me with the heavy beats, distorted keys and ecstatic lyrics.

ejaydee said...

Yep it's off Chrome Children which I still think is very hit-and-miss. In fact that clip pushed me to go back the song. Its like I'd heard it the way it was supposed to.
I don't know about Ammoncontact yet, but I'll check them out.
I think I heard you once mentioning Erykah Badu (or was it steenbeck?). If you do like her, I just heard her new album, and at first listen it sounds like the best I've heard from her, I think.

nilpferd said...

Must have been Steenbeck.. I'm pretty ignorant regarding US soul singers.