Saturday, February 23, 2008

I hate Poppy.

Last night I went to see the new Mike Leigh, showing as part of the Dublin International Film Festival. Mr. Leigh and Ms. Hawkins were in attendance, and Mr. Leigh was his usual hilarious gnome of a self. However, after 30 seconds, I knew I would dislike the main character, and with only 117 minutes to go too. I've ranted to various friends in the past 24 hours, but I'm not finished. If you're looking forward to it, don't mind me. Otherwise . . . gaaaahhhh!!!!


Blimpy McFlah said...

Mike Leigh cracks me up.

Secrets and Lies was a top giggle:

"You gotta laugh, ain't ya sweetheart? Else you'd cry."

And Vera Drake had me rolling in the aisles:

"It ain't fair. Me mum brought up six of us in two rooms. If you can't feed 'em, you can't love 'em, now can you?"

Blimpy McFlah said...

Overspill housekeeping: I demand a wee picture with every post, please. k, thanx,

Catcher said...

Noted, sir.