Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Talking of grandpas

Here's mine...(one of 'em, anyway) Pipe Major William Murray Taylor of the Seaforth Highlanders. He was a composer also but none of his tunes have appeared on iTunes (yet).


goneforeign said...

Ms. Demon: What a lovely thought and a nice way to remember them wot counts. You made me think of a graphic piece I did years ago about my father who died very early [in '55], my stepmother wrote a beautiful poem about him and I augmented it basically for the benefit of the grandchilden who never knew him.
Wish there were more responses.

ejaydee said...

I wish I'd known both my grandfathers. My paternal was in the 2 wars, shot in the throat in the first one, and I'm currently reading his memoirs about the second one.

treefrogdemon said...

Thank you, Mr Foreign...I found this pic on a French website about First World War pipers. My Great-Uncle James was there too!

BTW Blimpy, my emails are back!