Friday, February 15, 2008

Fat Jack Bond's Theme

A few film and TV tracks..
Fat Albert Rotunda, Herbie Hancock

Right off, Miles Davis, from A tribute to Jack Johnson. An edit from the original masters.

Space March, Leftfield's remix of..

Capsule in Space, by John Barry. So that's what it sounds like when one spaceship swallows another.

To end with, Sheva by Goran Bregovic from Underground. Especially for Frogprincess.

(Podbean removed)

80's soundtracks were mostly bombastic orchestrals, rock anthems, pop songs or hip-hop influenced synth workouts- I preferred the latter, and Harold Faltermeyer's themes for Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase were two of the best... I had these tracks on a loop as a 15 yr old and revisiting them has been a pleasure..

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Frogprincess said...

Recht herzlichen Dank! Genau das habe ich mir gew├╝nscht! Total chaotisch. Hits the spot.