Saturday, April 19, 2008

And it is no wonder, said the king...

This is The Polish Rider, by Rembrandt - at least it used to be by him, now people aren't so sure; anyway, it's always been a favourite of mine.

So I'm imagining that this is Willie O'Winsbury, and he may well be 'clad all in the red silk' to match his tights, only you can't see because of his coat. The twisty tracks are:

1 Willie O'Winsbury, by Richard Thompson. Well, 'trad.', but sung by him
2 Spare Parts, by Bruce Springsteen - the first two lines would be handy for sex education lessons
3 Jackie's Train, by Mary Gauthier - I'm really getting worried about this child
4 Pass You By, by Gillian Welch - contains a twist approved by Maddy (see post 1057365!)


debbym said...

This playlist could only be improved by being extended to include the Pentangle version of Willie O'Winsbury! TFD, could I move in with you when we're old and grey (-er than we are now; speaking for myself there!) and we'll spend all day listening to music like this?

treefrogdemon said...

Thanks, debbym...come ahead! I'm already grey. W o'W is one of my very favourite songs but I don't even know the Pentangle version, and I can't remember where I learned the song myself.