Friday, April 25, 2008

the crying room

Denise Roughan and David Mitchell, two former members of Flying Nun band the 3ds, teamed up to produce the contemplative, acoustic piece "the crying room".
Check out their current group the Ghost Club for some dark, wierdly victorian psycho pop.


Blimpy said...

Nice, I likey.

I love the close, claustrophobic feel to it.

And the hum, I like the hum and buzz also.

It should have finished at 2.43 though.

CaroleBristol said...

It is OK.

I think I prefer Mazzy Star though, which it kind of reminds me of.

nilpferd said...

true, it could have ended sooner. Although I also kind of like the dissonant play-out. These two normally do much noisier stuff, but I find the vocals in particular on this one quite touching.

Mnemonic said...

Ghost Club played their last ever UK gig on Friday at the Brixton Windmill. They're going back to Kiwiland.

nilpferd said...

Most Kiwis do return at some stage, especially the musicians. Wonder if they're planning to reform the 3Ds.