Sunday, April 20, 2008


OK, so I am a bit drunk tonight and a bit grumpy - there is a reason but that doesn't actually matter here.

Well, the drunken is OK, I just had to open that third bottle, why - because she told me to.

Anyway, my question is, what do you play when the world has really pissed you off?

Here are mine, all cranked up on the amp;

King Crimson Larks tongues in aspic pt2
SpiritualizedCop Shoot Cop
Hendrix Purple Haze
Sex PistolsAnarchy in the UK
The Who Behind blue eyes

Plus, random noise played very loud. You wouldn't want to live next door.


Blimpy said...

Hi carole,

Hope your head isn't too sore this morning.

I tend to favour a bit of Lightning Bolt when annoyed (have a look on youtube).

But, that said, I tend to listen to loud noisy harsh music for fun - so there's not really a direction for me to go in when annoyed.

CaroleBristol said...

Hi Blimpy,

My head is fine, thanks. I didn't drink three bottles all by myself, my partner helped me and she had to go to work today!

I have the day off, things to do later on.

Have to say, I think that Web Sherriff thing is a bit scary. Are we constantly being spied on here?

Blimpy said...

Hi carole,

- in a nutshell, yes, big b(r)other is watching us.

They're not reading our blog everyday, but when they're employed to keep a lid on a new release (in this instance it was the futureheads album) they'll go looking for mentions of it.

It's funny, I only really posted the video cos it had the word "twist" in the title, and I like the technical side of the video. The song is okay, it';s not one of their best.

DarceysDad said...

Evening Carole.

When I've had a really crap day, I actually can swing both ways, musically I mean. Depending on the nature of the offence, it's loud primal scream exorcism or calming (tone-deaf falsetto) balm.

The LOUD list typically includes Danko Jones and Faith No More albums (Iommi/Hughes' Fused normally works within two songs but invariably has me reaching for the Jack Daniels!), or for a more focussed approach

Drive-By Truckers - Lookout Mountain. For the riff, not the suicide lyrics; don't panic!
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Let It Roll.
Audioslave - Set It Off.
Damien Rice - Rootless Tree. Not that loud, but some truly cathartic swearing opportunities.
The Bellrays - Stupid Fuckin' People.
Creed - Faceless Man.

Bizarrely, this last one works both ways, I'll often finish my neck-bulging silent screams to that song, then go on to the QUIET list, which includes the likes of

Talk Talk - I Believe In You.
Kronos Quartet - Together We Will Live Forever.
Bjork - Unison.
The Silencers - Wild Mountain Thyme.
Steve Adey - Find The Way.
Damien Rice - Eskimo.

More generally, Dakota Suite and Cowboy Junkies albums normally hit the spot here. As does Jimmy Barnes' Flesh & Wood, but we've had that conversation.

Last week's RR Social discs have put forward a couple of new candidates for either list too, but it remains to be seen whether they work long-term.

Mnemonic said...

God Speed You! Black Emperor usually works for me but Lightning Bolt, the Boredoms or Acid Mothers Temple could work as well.

(Memo to self: must try Merzbow next time)

CaroleBristol said...

Looks like I'll have to check out Lightning Bolt.


Abahachi said...

Songs of rage? Top of the list for catharsis through sheer noise has to be the Peter Broetzmann Octet's 'Machine Gun' - classic of the late 60s European jazz underground that makes the likes of Slayer or the Sex Pistols seem like Belle & Sebastian, and just using acoustic instruments.

Blimpy said...

abahachi - post it! post it!

after a description like that, i HAVE TO HEAR IT!!

Mnemonic said...

I've seen him live with Han Bennick on drums - quite an experience

CaroleBristol said...

Hmmmmmmm, I checked out Lightning Bolt.

How can I describe them? Hardcore noise merchants? They are certainly unusual.

I quite like God Speed You! Black Emperor though, well some of the time. They sort of remind me of a harder Sigur Ros.

I think that I'll stick to the likes of The Pixies, Henry Rollins and Husker Du for my cathartic mood altering though.

Blimpy said...

Lightning Bolt play "noise" with a slight leaning towards classic rock, IMHO.

They are truly amazing live, i tell thee!

nilpferd said...

When really pissed off, which happens quite often in our profession, we play "right off", as recently previewed on EJ's legendary warm-up quiz.. in fact just hearing it made me VERY AGGRESSIVE..

Billy Cobham's kiss-my-ass drum attack, Michael Henderson and John Mclaughlin's bad MF rhythm guitar/e-bass bottom with Miles' knuckle sandwich uppercuts on top, followed by Steve Grossman's do-you-have-some-kind-of-a-problem sax solo and Herbie Hancock's fuck-off-and-die farfisa explosion.

Works every time.

Blimpy said...

@nilp - post it, post it!

nilpferd said...

will do, blimpy.. once I figure out how to upload bigger files to podbean...

Blimpy said...

we really should get some proper hosting - the free stuff (like podbean et al) is rubbish.

any ideas anyone?

treefrogdemon said...

I like me some Janis when I feel grumpy.

Catcher said...

Swans, Neubauten, Boredoms, "Weld" by Neil Young (particularly the version of "Welfare Mothers"), bootlegs of My Bloody Valentine playing "You Made Me Realise", basically anything that's loud and noisy enough to work as catharsis for me and piss anyone else off who comes within earshot. Share the misery, that's me.