Sunday, April 27, 2008

more rooms for improvement

1 Abdominal twists some cooking tips onto DJ Formats beats RR from samofnewcross

2 Vampire Weekend start in the basement

3 Shout Out Louds (not as Curetastic as some other tracks on the CD)

4 Julia Stones idiosyncratic croaks

5 Dogs Die in Hot Cars do their Dexys impression.

6 Loudon Wainwright III turns on the tap..there's cold and hot..walks out the door doesn't get shot.


goneforeign said...

Nice list, great Loudon song.
Did you photoshop the pic?

saneshane said... is computer doodling I'm guessing..but is helping me to learn how to use it.

'pretty good day' has some fine lyrics indeed.

TracyK said...

I do so love Dogs Die In Hot Cars, great to hear that!