Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Me Worry?

Perhaps it's to do with my unassuming happy outlook on life, but I've never been a big fan of dark, depressing, doom-laden music (no Joy Division on my iPod). I don't mind a bit of misery as long as it's done with a smile on your face. So that's probably why I've struggled to come up with many recommendations this week. Nevertheless, here are five that seem to fit the anxiety bill in one way or another.

10,000 Maniacs first with 'Like The Weather' from their 'In My Tribe' album. A typical Natalie Merchant theme which admittedly probably says more about depression than it does about anxiety.

The heroine of this week's ToffeeBoy Dean Friedman recommendation (Are You Ready Yet?) is contemplating taking her relationship to the next level. "Are you confident that the choice was made of your own accord?" asks the whiny voiced one. Lovely song - great songwriter - am I convincing anyone yet?

The Pet Shop Boy's 'Nervously' deals with a similar theme of young love.

Worry About You by Ivy featured in the pilot episode of the Sci-Fi drama The 4400. There's more than a touch of Twin Peaks about it - both the programme and the song. I don't know much about Ivy but the singer (Ivy herself?) has a beautiful voice.

Finally, The Shirelles with Will You Love Me Tomorrow (which is not called Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow). A timeless classic - enough said.

Happy listening.

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Blimpy said...

I liked the Shirelles the mostest - the rest didn't really catch on for me, but i did enjoy the playlist.