Wednesday, April 23, 2008


OK, I didn't intend that we start a historical analysis of what I thought was one of Taj's more obscure songs but, the conversation over on the side suggests that there's a bit of interest. I found that list online and that got me searching and I found a few more versions. There's seemingly two versions of the song, here's two of each.
1. Jimmy Witherspoon with Ben Webster and Gerry Mulligan at the Renaissance on hifi jazz - credited to Joe Turner and Pete Johnson.
2. The Rolling Stones with Taj guesting on the No Security live album.
3. Steppenwolf from Live at the Matrix, 1967, credited to arr. by John Kay.
4. Blind Lemon Jefferson - Supposedly the original, it sounds like he starts with SeeSee rider and evolved into Corina, it's titled as Corina blues.


steenbeck said...

Thanks, Goneforeign, Fascinating, I have to listen tomorrow because people are (hopefully) falling asleep upstairs, but I was very curious to hear the Blind Lemon Jefferson, after I looked at the website you had posted a link to. I'd also love to hear the Cab Callaway. For some reason I'm having trouble imagining what that would sound like.

ejaydee said...

I'm confused, is Taj Mahal's the same song as what seems to be the more common version, the one sung by Bob Dylan?

ejaydee said...

Ah I hear it now, it is the same song.