Monday, April 21, 2008

Haven't we learnt anything from all this?

Don't piss HER off, she's got bodyguards.


Blimpy said...

***adopts dopey voice*** hey, i went to the record shop today but i couldn't find this song, what's that all about then? I sang the tune to the shop assistant and did the dance, but it didn't help me get the song.

glasshalfempty said...

I wish I'd been in the record shop to watch that, Blimp ;-)
There's another wonderful version of this on YouTube at
Unfortunately, as I mentioned on the Web Sheriff thread, EMI in their wisdom have chosen to release Lykke Li only in Sweden - no wonder EMI are up sh*t creek. Even Amazon can't offer her album. I'm at a loss.

Blimpos MacFlossauges said...

Don't tell WebSh, but I could email you some mp3s if you lykke?

The live version with Robyn on it is great, very good musicianship.

I love the minimal but memorable vibe that she rocks.

"Little Bit" is still my fave though - especially the saucy bits.

Mnemonic said...

Amazon have got in online now as pre-release with a date in May.

glasshalfempty said...

Blimpy, I am shocked at your offer - you know I couldn't possibly accept an action that would in all likelihood precipitate the fall of capitalism.
Mnemonic - Thank you for offering me a legal course of action.

Blimpy said...

yes indeed, glasshalfempty, i have reconsidered my foolish and illegal offer, and would like to withdraw it forthwith.

together we can keep the music industry fatcats out of poverty! and as we all know; A+R folks grammes of coke won't buy themselves!

thanks goodness mnemonic has shown us the way!