Tuesday, April 15, 2008

children's story

I just realized that I have three (3!) versions of this song, which seemed like reason enough for a post. I have to include the video for the original because it's classic, and if you're of a certain age it should transport you right back.


Mr DNA said...

I don't think I've actually ever heard Slick Rick before. There's something kind of quaint about his Wimbledon accent slipping out here and there.

steenbeck said...

MrDNA, you fount of musical knowledge, I had no idea he was from Wimbledon, but now that I do, You're right, I can hear it. I think it helps to put the slick in slick rick.

I seem to recall you asking about Talib Kweli a few months back, and I think I was very vague in my answer, and that was pre-spill. But if you're still interested (I know I promised I wouldn't post any more Kweli...) I'd be happy to do a career retrospective post.