Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Etienne Daho - "If"

Bloomin PCs! I had written a whole post about Charlotte Gainsbourg and how fab she is, but for some reason it all got lost as I toggled between the edit and compose windows - this doesn't happen on my macs at home, i tell you!!

Now I'm too angry to re-write it, I'll add to this once I'm back infront of my iBook.

In the meantime, does anyone know what the duo are singing about?


FP said...

Nice one Blimpster. I love Etienne Daho's husky bass. I'm proud I managed to get his song 'week end à Rome' in Dorians 'Cities' list (I think it was). And Charlotte is utterly divine. You'll find the words to IF here -
Not easy to guess as the lyrics as rather abstract, but I would read into it that it's the end of a relationship and one partner is saying to the other - IF I am all these negatives things you said I am, then it's over and I'm leaving - definitif!! Ejay, qu'en penses-tu?
Blimpster if you are a big Charlotte fan - check out the films her husband Yvan Attal made with her - I married an actress - and there's a second one too. Title slips my mind. There's also a very nice one called Prete-moi ta main - I think the english title is I do: how to get married and stay single by Eric Lartigau.

goneforeign said...

Blimpy: Know just what you mean re. the medieval torture devices, when I visit UK and stay at my sister's I use her PC and what you describe has happened more than once, usually just when I've finished a long email.

ejaydee said...

I agree FP, except maybe I would say it's from the opposite point of view, if you're gonna be like that, sod it, I'm off.
It's quite common in French "chanson" to play with words like that. You'll all have noticed how most of the words end in if. We're clever like that. Most of these words would finish in ive in English