Saturday, April 26, 2008

rooms for improvement

Rooms for improvement

some of the tracks I like for rooms
but missed out a lot

enjoy some hopefully.


steenbeck said...

Holy Mackerel, Saneshane, I love your picture. That should be the RR T-shirt. Our CDs are taking us over!!!!!! Music monster! Mr. Steenbeck actually calls RR "an affliction," and this might be the personification of the symptoms.

steenbeck said...

And what are you doing up at this hour? You need to catch up on your sleep. Off to bed!

saneshane said...

Thank you very much
ms sane says the same..I managed to get up and go to the beach and climb to the top of a windmill!
(That is good for me..I hate heights now)
When I get going doing artwork I get stuck then can't sleep..oh well.
If I'm not careful it'll happen again.