Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lullaby time...

Saneshane tells me he has trouble getting his boy to sleep - he probably takes after his Dad ;-)
I've never had kids, but I can't believe Nilsson's 'Little Cowboy' wouldn't help. We've had RR lists on 'sleep & insomnia', 'children', 'storytelling', but never lullabies. What other musical cures for infant hyperactivity would you offer SS & his boy?


nilpferd said...

Nilpferd jr. is down like a ton of bricks quicker than you can say "lights out", but when there's a full moon I sing her "rock-a-bye-baby" and it normally does the trick.
For a while we had a recording of Beethoven's Chamber music for Winds to accompany her into the land of nod, but more often than not it lulled us along with it...however the music was very relaxing. I can definitely recommend the Octets..

Blimpy said...

How old is WeeShane?

DarceysDad said...

I've said it before and - here it comes - I'll say it again:

Bonnie Raitt w. Was (Not Was) - Baby Mine.

The original was the lullaby that the incarcerated Mrs. Jumbo sang to Dumbo, but Ms.Raitt's version on the Stay Awake Disney covers album is mine D'YOU HEAR ME? ALL MINE *Ahem* sorry, when Maddy succumbs to the temptation to ask for lullabies. Given his own daughter's concurrence with DL's RR stewardship I've been surprised Dorian resisted our pressure, to be honest.

saneshane said...

blimpy the Z-boy is three..
thanks GHE we have some interesting music for him...2 hours sleep at a time was maximum for two whole years..he's a bit better now..but past four hour at a time is good. The strange thing is he's pretty chilled, not hyper..just starts using his imagination and that's it,,awake.
Really don't know where it comes from!!!
Last night he told me all about the Gidals "they put his music in the back of his lorries and move them to the islands, that's where music lives when you sleep"
Now I know.

Carefree said...

Beth Orton singing 'Baby Mine' at last year's Meltdown festival had me in tears...which is why I nominated that for the crying theme. Lovely song.

How about 'Dream a Little Dream' by the Mamas and the Papas?

snadfrod said...

My Lola, what is now almost three too, went off to a medley involving 'Lullabye' by the Ben Folds Five, 'Blankets and Shields' by Canyon and 'Sisters of Mercy' (courtesy of Mrs Frod) for nigh on 18 months. Familiarity/contempt anyone?

Blimpy said...

One of my aunts used to drink gin, then breastfeed to get their babby of to teh land of nod!!