Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

I nicked this off a GU blog on Grace Jones, I really love to see people dancing, especially when it's such a joyous way, it makes me happy. Watch out for the end of Grace's performance, when the balloons come in, then the crowd reaction at the beginning of Disco , and the people dancing to Don't Leave Me This Way. It's quite long though.

People don't twirl like that anymore.


steenbeck said...

I love the quality of the video--Everybody seems to be wearing something sparkly and silver, and the balloons are just glowing, it's lovely in the washed-out greyness of it all.

ejaydee said...

I agree. I also like that they're dancing as if they were in a music video, except it's real. Of course you see some people looking blankly on the sidelines, but (maybe it's the clubs I've been to) it's quite rare to see people dancing like that, I know you can see it sometimes at Keb Darge's nights at Madame Jojo's, but it's just great to see people have fun like that.

You should check out her performance of Warm Leatherette during her A One Man Show, er, show.