Sunday, June 8, 2008

Counter Surrealism

I like this week's RR challenge but by Sunday I got really quite surrealed out.

I got rather bored with looking for that metaphorical lobster handled telephone (or indeed, the lobster handled teapot/curling tongs/alarm clock or whatever. ).

So, seeing as I have been mellowing all afternoon (n.b code for drinking in the garden) my musical tastes have cheesed up considerably. I am not constructing a lovingly assembled play list one might click on (too pissed, probably, the crowd shouts) but, I'll post the kind of stuff that I love when the wine has flowed and I am so mellow I look like Salvador Dali's kitchen clock (hopefully not being menaced by ants - little 6 legged bastards!). So;

Pet Shop Boys You only tell me you love me when you're drunk Actually pretty much anything by the Pet Shop Boys (I may well be a gay man trapped inside a lesbian's body)
The Communards Don't Leave Me This Way (see above)
New Order Thieves Like Us (I used to get totally off my face to this in the mid 80s)
Electronic Getting Away With It Pet Shop Boys meets New Order - what's not to like?
Dusty Breakfast In Bed Class, nuff said
LaBelle Lady Marmalade
Earth, Wind and Fire Boogie Wonderland

See, I told you it was cheese, but, I bet when the wine flows I'd get at least one or two of you dancing.

I am quite impressed now, I typed it OK.


DarceysDad said...

Evening Carole.

Donds for NO & EWaF, though the former have always been an 'indoor' band for me.

I too spent this afternoon "mellowing", except when Darcey & Sis are assaulting each other at 100mph/dB around the paddling pool whilst I fight with a dodgy-legged barbeque stand, it takes more than the drink (cider in my case ... another? Thanks, don't mind if I do!) to relax me sufficiently.

As my head already hurt from either too much Welsh sun this week or bloody surrealists, I went the other way, slipping gradually out of focus along a musical journey that started with:

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Trenchtown Rock,
travelled through
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy,
and arrived at
Matthew Ryan - Happy Hour,
at which point I ground to a halt.

I would have happily maintained that non-pace for the rest of the day if I hadn't been given the adrenalin-syringe-to-the-heart treatment by Darcey slipping head first into the pool.

(Fortunately no harm done and hopefully a lesson learnt by my younger daughter!)

Anyway, back to the grindstone tomorrow *SIGH!*

ToffeeBoy said...

I just rediscovered 'Getting Away With It' when I was putting my strange and eclectic collection of CD singles on to iTunes the other day. Fantastic song - what's not to like indeed - but of course it's not just Pet Shop Boys and New Order but Johnny Marr plays guitar as well.

Who says super groups never work?

FP said...

You been thru my CD collection, right? DONDS!!

Abahachi said...

You describe Labelle as cheese???!!? Ditto New Order and Electronic, let alone the Pet Shop Boys? What sort of 'hipper than thou even when chilling out in the sunshine' routine is this?

FP said...

I would respectfully submit that, ex aequo with Dancing Queen, 'Getting away with it' is the most perfectly formed pop song ever written. It was the first CD I ever bought. Think I need to listen to it now.....

nilpferd said...

Getting away with it is indeed genius. But what's your problem with ants?! I got quite emotional when my other hippo exterminated a nest in our back yard. Although she did have a suspicion that the little bas... um, fellas were farming aphids on our roses. But, like, they clean up stuff! They eat pests! They're well organized! They have smart black uniforms!! What's not to like?!

CaroleBristol said...

Maybe my definition of cheese isn't as cheesy as it could be.

I agree with FP, Getting away with it is perfectly formed pop music.

As for ants - it was a surrealist reference. They are all over lots of Dali's paintings.

@Abahachi - I am never going to be "hipper than thou", my knowledge of obscure indie bands and avant garde noise merchants is too sketchy for that! There are far more hipsterish people here than me.

nilpferd said...

He probably did them in the garden... I hate it when things get stuck in paint ;-)
I know what you mean with feeling mellow like one of Dali's clocks, I'm starting to fold over a bit myself... time to sleep..

Abahachi said...

Sorry to be grumpy, Carole; fifty miles round the Somerset levels in fairly high temperatures would have been fine if not followed by the apparently never-ending pile of exam scripts to be marked, plus I think that 'Lady Marmalade' (original version) is one of the greatest pop songs ever. The Captain & Tenille: that's cheese - but great for summer afternoons.

Rather disturbed by nilpferd's fetish for black uniforms and totalitarian militaristic societies. Ants don't kill many pests, they do cultivate aphids for honey syrup and fight off heroic bug-eating ladybirds, and they like Coldplay.

nilpferd said...

Our backyard is just a microcosm of Europe, then- once you get rid of the buggers, you start developing nostaligia for them ;-)

Abahachi said...

Absolutely. Meanwhile I'm keeping the spirit of the DDR alive with my beehives...

nilpferd said...

I'll bet you use converted Trabis...

Abahachi said...

Nope, honest proletarian Plattenbau. Unfortunately the style of hive is known as a 'Commercial' - I don't think Karl and Friedrich would approve - but it's better than the decadent WBC ('William Butler Carr', poncey gabled effect) or the politically suspect British National hive.