Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yet More Kissing!


ejaydee said...

With this and the clip I posted at the end of my post, we're rapidly approaching mature audiences only territory.

CaroleBristol said...

"mature audiences only" but yes, ultimately that is where it leads us.

To put Dooley Wilson right, a kiss is most definitely not just a kiss.

I daresay we have all had our dreams punctured on the rocky reefs of kissing that had different meanings for kisser and kissee.

steenbeck said...


(It is today, isn't it?)

Birthday Blimp said...

Yes, it is!!

How did you know??!

saneshane said...

And a happy birthday Blimpy from me too..

the secret being.............. is it?
steenbecks birthday being two day later!!!
Hope you're enjoying it.

Darcey likes cake said...


Hippy Bathday to you
You pick the music now too
I'll cheer you if it's Mogwai
But Animal Collective I'll boo!

[Best I could do in a rush!]


steenbeck said...

Blimpy, you mentioned it once, and I remembered because you share a birthday with a very cool ex-housemate of mine named Dan.

Blimpy said...

Aw, tahnks everyone!

I found the bloggage, it was part of the booze quiz, so yes steen - yours is in 2 days!

darce- awesome poetry!