Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your life is over. Your life is over.

So, after a long trek to Dublin and back this weekend ('cos Ireland can't seem to have more than one of ANYTHING, and that one almost always has to be six hours drive away in the capital) I rather missed out on all the lovely kissing action. Which is a shame, as it looked like a good stint, so good work.


I just wanted to share a song with you (consider it my gift to Mr McFlah) by a band I've been listening to increasingly much this last week or two. Now, if you can get past the fact that the singer has BLATANTLY nicked Conor Bright Eyes' schtick, I reckon there's a lot going on here. Bit of Arcade Fire. Bit of 60s R&B. Bit of ramped up gypsy punk. And, to top it all, they're named after one of Shakespeare's very best plays - Titus Andronicus (seriously, I never know why Titus gets hated on so much. Sure, its unpolished, but its a big budget horror flick. Gore! Rape! Dismemberment! Scheming! Children baked in a pie! What's not to love?). OK, so it may sound like it was recorded in a bin, but when the handclaps kick in and the whole band chant 'your life is over' I think it is ridiculously fun.

So here, then, is 'Titus Andronicus' by Titus Andronicus. You can purchase their rather fine album, 'The Airing of Grievances', here too. Enjoy.

06 titus andronicus.mp3


TracyK said...

Sorry, I know I'm a spelling/grammar nazi, but is that a deliberate mistake with "you're"? And if so, can you explain it to me so my teacherbrain can stop frothing and mentally getting out the red biro?

snadfrod said...

Damn! I just noticed it myself and, in a totally mortified state, changed it. I have no excuses miss, I am really very very sorry.

Hangs head.

Blimpy said...

hi snadfrod, first listen gives me The Clash crossed with Bright Eyes and something else very familiar that I can't quite put my finger on. . . just yet. . .

Great tune, thanks very much!!!

TracyK said...

Heheh, sorry, I'm a git for this and alot makes my blood boil.