Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fun & games with iTunes

I love Malcolm's feet in the summertime in lo-top chucks. And Isaac decided to go with the knee-high red socks. Not for everyone, but with legs that shapely, he can pull off just about any look.

I have 6710 items in my iTunes Library, and sometimes I forget what I have. Some days I'll play a game of typing a random word in (often provided by Malcolm) and then listening to whatever comes up. Thanks to Toffeeboy for providing inspiration for this one...the word was "sun." I thought it would be a fun game for us 'Spillers to pick a word and type it into our own libraries, and see what different lists we come up with. I whittled it down to five, and here they are... Anyone else?

Carter Family
Bill Withers
Mos Def
De La Soul

And...inspired by Blimpy's podcast--a list of 5 songs chosen at random by my iTunes shuffle. Who knew THAT song was in there? It's very hard not to edit yourself to make a perfect playlist. Actually, I like the way this one turned out, anyway...

Edwin Birdsong, Rapper Dapper Snapper
Dizzy Gillespie, Fiesta Mojo
Nouvelle Vague, A Forest
Pergolesi, Stabat Mater, Dolorosa
Lupe Fiasco, Superstar


Frogprincess said...

You win the prize for the cutest photo with the biggest aaaaaah-factor ever. I shall listen to the songs with pleasure as soon as I've recovered from the football...

ToffeeBoy said...

Lovely picture - my legs are, however, just as shapely. Honest!

Now, I don't want this to get into a who's got the biggest equipment (especially not in the present company!) but 6,710? Is that all that you've got? 9,210 and counting.

Sorry, it's a boy thing...

goneforeign said...

Yeah, this could be an ongoing good game. I changed the rules slightly and shuffled 10, I don't think they reflect my entire iTunes but I know them all.
1. King Tubby's Rock, w. Yabby You from Jesus Dread.
2. My Blue Heaven - Sonny Stitt - from Complete Roost recordings.
3. Hjortingen - Maria Kalaniema - from album of same name.
4. Cabeca Feita - Maria Teresa - from Lusfonia.
5. Leydi Ma - Baaba Maal - from Missing You.
6. That's the blues.. - Johnny Hodges -from Jeep's Blues.
7. Love me or leave me - Nina Simone - from Little girl blue.
8. 3 cool cats - Ry Cooder - from Chavez Ravine.
9. Ayamafele - Kandia Kouyate - from Kita Kan.
10. Flying Home - Lionel Hampton - from Tempo & Swing.

When we talked about favorite places to listen to music I didn't mention walking around those huge DIY stores with my iPod on, it makes it much more tolerable and these are typical of what I shop to.

goneforeign said...

And a p.s.
I've been VERY selective in loading my iPod plus most of my music is on vinyl which is quite time consuming doing the digitising so I've only got 4552 just now, but there's 5000+ vinyl albums awaiting their turns and another 1000+ CD's and umpteen thousand cassettes. I was late getting in to CD's and most of what I liked was on vinyl anyway so I kept buying that.
It's also an old man thing...

steenbeck said...

Oh, thank you, goneforeign, for posting a list, I was afraid everyone was going to leave me with my iTunes hanging out. I am perfectly ready to concede that you boys have longer "libraries" than I do. (Is that what the kids are calling it these days?) I guess I'm not extremely discerning about what goes in to my iTunes. There really are songs I don't know the origin of. Well, mostly it's because my brother's girlfriend put the entire contents of her iPod in there when it was brand new. So I'm constantly surprised.

Just to add, part of my inspiration for this was the idea that people could "See into" your iTunes, and that it could be embarrassing (I believe Mnemonic has some Sting?). So the rules are--no skipping cheesy songs!

snadfrod said...

Well, I feel very small. I'm only at 2773 BUT I have mitigating circumstances. I've never actually had an ipod, y'see. I still run on mini disc! I was always rather wary of ipods - not least because if it ain't broke why fix it? - and found the idea of my entire record collection on shuffle rather intimidating. I hate change, basically, unless I was the first to change...

In the last few weeks, however, I have finally decided to move away from windows media player (urgh) and to embrace the now inevitable march toward snadfrod's ipod. Signing up to last.fm has given me a push and so, hopefully, the number of tracks I have will swiftly rise as I slowly but surely work my way through the cds from A-Z and put it all on the computer.

Anyway, after that excusatory preamble, 5 at random from my shuffle does this:

1. Oh My Sweet Carolina, Ryan Adams (already I'm being reminded of amazing songs)
2. Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Radiohead
3. Wake Up Scarlett, Duke Special
4. Naima, John Coltrane
5. Most of us Prizefighters, A.C. Newman

Fairly decent, I think. Here Comes The Hotstepper was next though, which would have helped...

DarceysDad said...

4552? 6710? 9210? Add 'em all together and you just about get past me - 20,189 to date. I was going to further mention the CDs/LPs/MCs not yet transferred, but I can only measure up to goneforeign on the CD count. Respect is due, Mr.B!!

Favourite place to plug in and withdraw from the world? Mowing the lawn. Did that this morning, so using the │◄◄ button tells me my last 5 played were:
Iommi/Hughes - Dopamine,
Young Galaxy - Lazy Religion,
Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz,
Dub Trio - One Man Tag Crew,
and, um, ...
Georgia Satellites - Mon Cheri.
"Her skirt rode up, and I could see she was French" Sorry about that!

steenbeck said...

Yay!! Thanks, DsD & Snadfrod. I don't actually have an iPod either, because WHEN WOULD I LISTEN? I have a constant companion--oh yeah, 2, now Malcolm's out of school for the summer. I can't imagine tuning them out, no matter how much I love music. Snadfrod, your list made me think of the line..."Like COltrane Loves Naima." What is that? Mos Def, I think. Off to google some lyrics....

ToffeeBoy said...

Here's the ToffeeBoy five-shoe shuffle (I'm doing this real time so although the results will seem instant to you, try to imagine a passage of time - and if Supper's Ready comes up, imagine a very, very long passage of time):

1. Casimir Pulaski Day - Sufjan Stevens. First out of the bag and it's one to be proud of. ToffeeGirl has just asked what I'll do if Andrew Gold, David Cassidy or something else from her dodgy 70s collection comes up - no question - the blame will be clearly laid at her door.

2. Crossroader - Mountain. Good god! I only bought the album (The Best of Mountain) for Nantucket Sleighride - don't think I'd ever choose to listen to this.

3. Freedom - The Housemartins. OK - not one of their best (a bit mid-'80s holier-than-thou-preachy) but I always liked Paul Heaton. Actually that's not true - I went to see the Beautiful South's first ever gig and they were awful - really rude and abusive to the audience. Not big and not clever.

4. King of Thieves - Elvis Costello. From just about the same era I think - just checked - this is three years earlier. Again, not a classic but easy enough on the ears.

5. Abdul & Cleopatra - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers. Now this is honestly not made up. I have an independent witness present who will swear on Primo Levi's 'If Not Now, When' (which she just happens to be reading right now) that the wonderful Mr Richman was randomly selected by my iPod as the fifth on my list. Joy unconfined!

Great idea steenbeck - more lists please!

ToffeeBoy said...

Oh, and DarceysDad - why do you Liverpudlians always have to be bigger and better than your neighbours across the park? It all comes down to money, doesn't it? ;-)

DarceysDad said...

Touché, ToffeeBoy, touché!

And you're kinda correct too; because me & DarceysMam are crap at socialising as a family, we stay in mostly these days.
Because we stay in, I read about and listen to a lot more music.
Because I learn about more music, I buy more music, thus depleting the available funds to go out socialising with.
Because we don't go out socialising . . . you get the picture!

And yes, I'm a typical exiled Red, I only get to an avge of two games a season, thus saving ticket money which then gets diverted to . . . oh you DEFINITELY get the picture!!

ejaydee said...

Meet your match DsD: 23933 as we speak, form the big external HD library, the one on my laptop is only a little under 15000.

5 on random, and I dread what will come up:
1. Black September by Master Chivero
2. Quando A Noite Vem by Hyldon
3. Supersonic Rocket Ship by The Kinks
4. Max by Paolo Conte
5. As One by Jay-Z

That wasn't so bad, no favourites in there but no big shames.

Mnemonic said...

I've just synched my iPod and it is scrobbling the following to Last.fm (so I can't cheat, Ejay and Snadfrod can check up on me) and it's come up with the following

Dizzee Rascal – Round We Go
Mono and World’s End Girlfriend – Trailer 4
Alexander Hacke – Sonntag
ILiKETRAiNS – We All Fall Down
Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach for My Revolver
High Dependency Unit – Giant Overpass
Hey Rosetta! – There’s an Arc
Van Morrison – Cypress Avenue (Live)
Comets on Fire – The Bee and the Cracking Egg
Gang Gang Dance – God’s Money VII

I have just over 15,000 songs on iTunes and none of the vinyl or minidisc stuff has gone on yet. However, I bought a 500gig external drive dedicated to music so I have plans to extend the collection!

Also a late convert to iPods. I was a serious minidisc fan and only changed when I was given an iPod as a leaving present from my last job.

goneforeign said...

And I forgot all about the mini discs, used to build my radio shows on 'em, there's hundreds.
Soon be time for phase two; what I don't understand about the iPod shuffle is that given it has access to umpteen thousand tracks it'll play two from the same album within a few minutes of each other and it never seems to play some.

D/D, re.<< button, with iTunes it automatically tracks everything you've ever played with dates and times and number of plays. Get with it.
Twenty umpteen thousand sounds about right, it fits with my image of you as the Godfather of RR and re. that red business, you're excused, I just assumed you were a blue.

ejaydee said...

Snadfrod, your songs don't have to be shuffled. I was on MiniDisc too, which I loved, but after a while my MD "pouch" became quite impractical, as weell as having an increasing amount of music on mp3 only and my music tastes broadening. All that made me give in to the iPod quite soon (first generation baby).

Love the matching red sock and shorts ensemble Isaac is rocking. And your floor too.

steenbeck said...

He chose the socks himself. But they came off as soon as the day started heating up. He's not a slave to fashion.

snadfrod said...

Ejay - the 'pouch' is half the vibe, though isn't it? Kind of a cross between a really big wallet and a 'fanny' pack. VerrCool.

And I know your songs don't HAVE to be shuffled but, well, I'm an inveterate shuffler and people always tried to sell ipods to me along the lines of "you can put your whole cd collection on it and then shuffle the lot" which, basically, fills me with a mortal dread of secret tracks, silences, ambient noise and Cheggers Choice. Still, much like Mnemonic (who wasn't lying, I and last.fm can vouch for that), I think someone will soon make it inevitable and buy me an ipod, so I'm ready for the advance when it comes. I think.

Still, to stop myself being in awe of these 20,000 tune plus behemoths, I'm now planning to start at A and see where I end up. I may be some time...

steenbeck said...

And I've been driven to a life of crime. I've NEVER downloaded anything illegally before, but now I'm going on a totally random crime spree of downloading absolutely any file that I can find whether I like it or not, until my internet explodes and I have to bury the remains in the garden.

nilpferd said...

..my iTunes library has 36 tracks..
(plus the 40-odd cds I've ripped so far)

glasshalfempty said...

Oh dear, I was dreading what shuffle would trawl from the depths of my 8600-song iPod, 'cos there's some real crap lurking in darker corners. So I was pleasantly surprised at the first five out of the headphones:
1. Late afternoon blues - Memphis Slim (a brilliant track, that just shows why I ought to use shuffle more often)
2. Everything's gonna be alright - The Clark Sisters
3. No allegiance to the Queen - Japandroids (from the excellent Canadian indie site, Zunior)
4. Sleep deprivation - Simian Mobile Disco (acquired as a result of the recent RR topic on insomnia)
5. It was a pleasure - Echo & the Bunnymen

@GF - I read somewhere that so many people complained about shuffle playing tracks from the same album/artist in quick succession, that Apple changed it from being genuinely random, to quasi random, with an algorithm to prevent songs from the same album/artist playing close together.

goneforeign said...

Yeah, I've been reading things like that, there's whole websites devoted to Apple' iTunes algorithms. It's only a small irritation since I put 'em all in there in the first place but I'd like the iPod to show a bit more imagination.
Sometime long ago I got the CD version of Bill Bryson's 'History of nearly everything' [scientific]
I loaded it it into my Mac to dub the CD's for later listening and somehow they wound up in iTunes; now when I'm on shuffle a cut will end and I'll then get a 5 min. segment of some aspect of the history of science, it's bloody wonderful!
Since it's one of my all-time favorite books.