Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm swearing a to be noise!

tall cans


saneshane said...

1 buck 65
2 DJ Shadow
3 Transplants

but look its worked 12 hours bloody later!

now in the yahoo player in box A there is only three codes, how do you put more songs in?

and why doesn't any of this work when I'm in my nice firefox?

nilpferd said...

I can't hear Madlib either.
I quite like the other two tracks too.

steenbeck said...

You cut and paste the won't let me type it in this box, but look at what you have, it's a pattern. A little bit before the url, a littler bit after, then the name, then a little bit after that. Not very helpful, I know. If you can put all the urls in your post, what I do, is copy the part before the first one, then go down the list pasting it, then copy the next part and go down the list pasting it...etc.. If that doesn't work, just put all your URLs in, and I can try to fix it for you, since I have behind the scenes access. Although I'm not sure I always understand it...

saneshane said...

okay I think I get that..
Zane has fallen asleep on me...with all these noise songs HOW?
I shall do a bit of Photoshop learning then have a go at posting a playlist this evening with pictures and everything!
thanks steenb..

nilpf.. do you have the 'Keeping Time: a live recording' that madlib is from?
It sounds interesting to me..must investigate.

nilpferd said...

Keep in time sounds very tempting, I haven't heard it in full yet, just fragments. I just ordered the old Ninja Tunes compilation Funkungfusion, btw.