Friday, June 20, 2008

A SNOG on the ROCKs

1 Pony up! ‘I heard you got action’ I think you know were they are going with this one
2 The Wave Pictures ‘Kiss Me’ I love this even though actually hitting a note is a far off mystery.
3 Jens Lekman ’The Cold Swedish Winter’ beautiful song
4 Bliss ’Kissing’ my come down track of choice back in the day…Track one of saneshanes simple beats social cd.
5 Monta ’Kiss Goodnight’
6 Casiotone for the painfully alone ‘New Years Kiss’ genius track I love it..most people don't!
7 The Glove ‘Punish me with Kisses’ I do have the Fat Bob vocal too.
8 The Kills ‘Kissy Kissy’ sounds just like the kills.. nuff said.
9 Marianne Faithfull ‘Kissin’ Time’ Hark, is that Blur in the background?
10 The Hidden Cameras ‘Music is my Boyfriend’ “I kissed his ugly gangly greens, he swallowed my pee” don’t get lyrics like that in many a pop song.
11 Head ‘Let’s Snog’ from a snog on the rocks “let’s snog like two wild dogs” look it takes me back...and how good for the theme...all this soppy stuff...euggghhh.
12 Lord Sear ‘Ya mouth stink’ after all that... have you been tongue kissing a basketball?
Pony Up!
The Wave Pictures
Jens Lekman
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
The Glove
The Kills
Marianne Faithfull
The Hidden Cameras
Lord Sear


steenbeck said...

I like the scary snog picture. But I'm having trouble playing the music?!? Boxstr is such a tease...

FP said...

I've been zapping between this list and Frenchy's - excellent stuff. Mucn enjoyed.

Blimpy said...

shane, can you see if your boxster bandwidth needs to be reset, as i can't listen to the tunes!
what i thought was quite a generous 1 gig limit from boxster
doesn't seem enough for our very popular blog.

i posted one tiny cyndi lauper song, whcih then got listened to 600 times and blew my bandwidth out the water!! scarlett johansson did a similar thing.

may be it's time to pay up?

saneshane said... was reset 46 minutes ago..but they are getting a few plays...
I can't hear shoegazers!
do I need to manually reset it again...and what the f*^( am I talking about? please help!

Blimpy said...

Okay Shane, I'll help!

Right, first of all you need to go to the second bridge over the river. On the south bank, near the willow, is a lever under a mossy rock. Pull this lever to the west. NOT THE EAST. A hatch will appear on the bridge. Make sure you have a shiny gold coin for the goblin. If it is tarnished, he will shun you.
Repeat this phrase to him, exactly as I've written it, or he will not help you.
"Oh goblin, my goblin, in your stinking wet hatch, please reset my bandwidth, there isn't a catch" - then give him the shiny coin.
As you leave the goblin's hatch to return to your computer, you have to whistle til you're out of earshot, or else he will dump a fetid pig on your head.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hope this helps.



saneshane said...

"Oh goblin, my goblin, in your stinking wet thatch, please reset my sandwich, there isn't a batch"


what do I do with this pig?

Shoegazer said...

There is a link on the Boxtr dashboard that said "you are eligible for a bandwith reset". When this was pressed, with excited fingers, the tease said "You are not eligible for bandwidth reset". I think I went on a date with Boxtr once.

Time to try messing with Blimpy's goblin.

TracyK said...

I spy an ex (or possibly a current?) roleplayer!

Blimpy said...

tracyK: Not me!

I'm just high. . . .