Saturday, June 14, 2008


if a drummer plays in a forest does he make a sound?

Relaxed Muscle-the heavy
Coulorstone-turn it up
Blackalicious-rhymes for the deaf dumb & blind
Nitzer Ebb-join in the chant
Los Campesinos-broken heartbeats sound like breakbeats
ARE Weapons-headbanger face
American Music Club-the decibels and little fools
The Mary Onettes-explosions
Pelle Carlberg-I touched you at the sound check
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly-keep singing out
El-p-tuned mass damper
Bomb the Bass-bug powder dust
Uminski-harder better faster stronger
or just NOISE!


saneshane said...

hey ya steen
going to answer the Juno question here..hope you find it!

we both liked it a lot..and I liked the way it didn't end up obvious..
the kid still given up..not happy ever after coupledom..but finding each other.

and disliking Garner but it worked that the 16 year old had all the power when she knelt and talked to the bump and saw in the mall that she would do anything for the sprog...
(Batemans character would know more about all the young dudes..or isn't it as well know in the U.S..being a musician...that annoyed me..I'm pedantic)

tongue tied could have worked, but was there any need?
I related to Cera and thought he did do the awkward bit well as always.. (the box sets of Arrested development kept us going through the ms' pregnancy)
I'm so bad at typing and spelling that I can't keep up with what I want to say about it....

but they didn't sing the line "push a little turd out the bottom of your pants" to each other at the end!!

but well written..
did enjoy it a lot.

ps does look like this music worked..yeah!

Blimpy said...

ARE weapons rule! Not heard them for ages!! Cheers!

Blimpy said...

I must dig out their tune "hey world" - it's too good!

saneshane said...

I really want to listen to hey world now too...but I've got so many stacks of music here I cant find the's only been a couple of days..arrrrrg!

saneshane said...

found it..fuck you pay me is funny to listen to before another weeks work..

but 'Don't be scared' is cheering me up..
I am now feeling old..but at least hippie papas day is over!

ejaydee said...

Dond to what you said on Juno. If they talked like in Dawson's Creek or some other teen TV shows, I would have minded, but when the wit is so sharp and the dialogue so fresh, to my ears at least, I think it's works just right.

Blimpy said...

i nthink i've lost my ARE Weapons record. boo hiss.

steenbeck said...

I liked that scene w/ J. Garner trying to feel the baby. It actually made me a little weepy, embarrassingly. And I did appreciate the sharp wit. It was very satisfying to watch, because it was like a fantasy of myself as a teenager, but always having the right (very funny) thing to say at the right time, rather than hours later going over and over conversations in my head.

Michael Cera was in Arrested Development? I've never seen it, but heard good things. I wonder if there's any on youTube. I think he was in Superbad, too, so that might be the next movie we attempt to watch...

steenbeck said...

Finally had time to listen. As usual, good list, good art. I don't feel bad about being too late to dond anything because I lost all track of what the topic was. Not sure I ever completely understood. So the final list is sure to be a surprise...