Sunday, June 22, 2008

Downchild Blues Band

The first song I posted in the Kissing topic was Kissy Face by the Downchild Blues Band, a staple on the Canadian blues scene for forty years. But I don't know if the group is known very well outside of Canada and I couldn't find the song linked anywhere so I thought I'd just post a link to the song.
08 Kissy Face.m4a
If you like the song and want to know more about the band, check out their website at
The band has gone through many lineup changes over the years with over 100 musicians passing through the band over the years. The glue holding it together through the years has been founder Donnie Walsh who is also the primary song writer.
There is a great video clip on Youtube of the band in their hayday performing with jazz vibraphonist Peter Appleyard. It's an instrumental number with leads from Appleyard and pianist Jane Vasey who tragically passed away in 1982 from leukemia. Vasey was a great blues pianist. You'll find the video at
After Vasey died, the band didn't do much for five years as Walsh, who was living with Vasey, lost interest while mourning her passing. After that hiatus he got the band back in form again and they still perform today.
Great band! Listen to the clip. Enjoy!


DarceysDad said...

MMmmm yeah, that's my kinda music for a pub/club gig, Marconius; thanks a lot.

Brings back memories too; Bradford-based R&B band of Mackem extraction Somebodys Brother are approaching the 30 year mark, and can't be far off the same number of ex-band members too.

In the mid-80s one of their rehearsal rooms was the basement of the house me and gordonimmel lived in. Two further housemates were the bass and keyboard players (technically the latter still is!), and I spent a year or two as clueless-roadie-but-dependable-driver. I have been the only sober person in Hebden Bridge Trades Club on a New Year's Eve!

When I do finally get my tapes & vinyl transferred to digital, I'll be doing a similar post.

Jonathan Este said...

Which house was that? I sang in the band from about 1983 to the end of 1984 and we rehearsed at 430 Great Horton Road. tons of fun.

DarceysDad said...

Aha! So you'll be the one with the basketball lyrics to one of the songs (whose name temporarily escapes me) that was being re-arranged for Carol to sing at about the time I got involved (last of the Elephant & Castle gigs). I shared with AndyL & Paul (aka Mikey) on Laisteridge Lane.

Still got and wear my SB T-shirt!