Friday, June 13, 2008

Late Noise

So in case you read this in the morning please post my list on the Mothership.

We start by welcoming the noise with PE, and Cee-Lo makes it an art. I tried to avoid songs that were the "sound of" something but I love that Cassius song. The Abdullah Ibrahim should be right up Nilpferd's alley, and Lamb sounds a lot like a something Bjork would do. It Sounded Like a Roc samples The Creator Has A Master Plan and something else I don't remember.

Bring The Noise - Public Enemy
The Art Of Noise (Featuring Pharrell) - Cee-Lo
Blood Makes Noise - Suzanne Vega
Sound And Vision - David Bowie
The Sounds Of Violence - Cassius
Did You Hear That Sound (Toshio Matsuura remix) - Abdullah Ibrahim
What Sound - Lamb
It Sounded Like A Roc! - MF DOOM
Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
The Sound - The Rapture
Dead Sound - The Raveonettes

04 Bring The Noise.mp3
03 The Art Of Noise (Featuring Pharrell).mp3
12-03 Blood Makes Noise.mp3
04 Sound And Vision.mp3
02 The Sounds Of Violence.mp3
1-11 Did You Hear That Sound (Toshio Matsuura remix).mp3
07 What Sound.mp3
3-10 It Sounded Like A Roc!.mp3
09 The Sound.mp3
Dead Sound.mp3
12 Pet Sounds.mp3


2-06 Funky Worm.mp3
04 Chica-Chica-Boom-Chica.mp3
02 Careful (Click, Click).mp3
04 Ba Ba Boom.mp3
02 Bells.mp3
2-01 Boom.mp3
1-07 Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras).mp3


Blimpy said...

It's still not up on GU yet!

But donds for "Dead SOund" - awesome tune, which i compared and contrasted to Suicide's "Cheree" on the Spill back in January, i think.

frists for "Noise Annoys" by t'Buzzcocks

darceys-tired-dad said...

Is this what we're going to do then, when RR is late - just start up a 'Late_______' thread on here?

Sounds (b'dum tish!) good to me.

Anyway, my first thoughts on Songs About Noise were:

Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize (obviously)
Arcade Fire - Ocean Of Noise
The Boo Radleys – The White Noise Revisited.
Ella Guru - Noisy Insects.
Califone - Sunday Noises.
God Is An Astronaut - A Deafening Distance.
Rose Tattoo - Never Too Loud.
The Members – Sounds Of The Suburbs, maybe?
Hothouse Flowers – Christchurch Bells.

Mnemonic said...

Blog still not up at 9:30. Have got places to go, people to annoy, so my list is here

A Minute’s Noise for John – Mitch Benn, written for John Peell
Noise Not Music – Wolf Eyes. For those who don’t like the genre (extreme noise) this will be mercifully short
Noise – M83
Bring the Noise – Public Enemy

And donds to Califone’s Sunday Noises , which DarceysDad has stolen from me via e-mail

Abahachi said...

What on earth is going on? I'm used to looking through a good hundred or so posts by the time I've fed the cats, let the chickens out, done the washing up and cranked up the aged computer. I suppose it gives me more time to try to think of anything besides Slade and Public Enemy - songs that are noise would be less of a problem, as anyone who listened to my Peter Broetzmann track can doubtless testify - but the risk is that all the really keen people who usually post at 1 am will be so frustrated that they'll devote more time to thinking of even more songs, rather than recommending the first dozen that come to mind and then taking a break... I suppose it may all depend on how Maddy defines 'noise'.

maddy said...

oh god oh god oh god, i'm really sorry everyone but i made a small error in filing the blog yesterday (i sent it to the arts bit of the website, rather than the music bit) which meant no one could find it to post it up, and unfortunately because no one thought to call me about this either i didn't realise this had happened until 9.36 this morning. there's an apology on the blog too but i wanted to add another one here. and it won't happen again, promise xx

DsD-the-chancer! said...

Apology accepted chez DD, Maddy. It's nice to know WHY we're late for once!

Now make it up to me by explaining why I'm so far from pushing your A-list buttons !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lots of good stuff to dond already, deffo donds for Slade and David Bowie and a nomination here for

"The Sound of Silence"#

Right, off to look for the real blog now with mille grazie to Maddy for putting China Cat Sunflower and Debaser on the list.

Surely, misscorvette, you are spoiling us Deadheads. I mean B list last week and now the giddy heights!


gordonimmel said...

No need to apologise, Maddy. Actually it's all my fault.
You see, having given up staying up late a few weeks ago, since the blog never turned up on time, I noticed that it had been bang on time the last few weeks, so I decided to stay up late last night.

As sure as night follows day this automatically means that the blog wouldn't turn up on time ( nd I did text this to Darceysdad yesteray evening so I'm not claiming this power retrospectively). So you see, you think the blog didn't come up because you posted in the wrong place, but you see, since I decided I was going to stay up you actually had no free will in what you did!

Sometimes my own power frightens me.....

maddy said...

ha! so it's gordonimmel's fault! phew... no, seriously, i feel terribly sheepish, although - and i think i can get away with saying this here, if not on the mothership - i do think someone might have telephoned me at some point to say they couldn't find the blog, i mean it's not as if that isn't their JOB, to get people's COPY UP ON TIME. hey ho...

Blimpy said...

hi maddy,

are we allowed to put your picture up on The 'Spill, please? In a similar fashion to Dorian's?

You are, after all, our new guru!

CaroleBristol said...

Pictorial donds for having Maddy's pic on the 'Spill.

Especially now she has said such lovely things about the Grateful Dead.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ gordonimmel - I'm sure you do have these special powers to influence the Grauniad website but I'm also claiming some input here. For the first time since joining the blog I decided to stay up way past my bedtime and get in on the act before all the good noms were taken.

Clearly what happened was:

a) nothing happened
b) when it eventually did happen, I was singularly uninspired by the topic - not a reflection on your choice of theme Maddy, more to do with my wimpy, fey, limp-wristed, shoe-gazing musical tastes. As the Kings of Convenience put it 'Quiet Is The New Loud'.

nilpferd said...

yep, like the Abdullah Ibrahim. Very nice. The MF Doom is also fine.

EffPee said...

Yes deffo donds for Maddy's picture on the 'Spill. And Donds for Gordon buying ABBA albums in charity shops. This is indeed a noble passtime. We don't have Charity shops (or 'Charas as they are known in my family) in France and I seriously intend to spend a holiday with my wee sis who lives in a posh area of Yorkshire 'doing the charas'. I can sniff out a Chanel jacket at 50 metres. Gordon, enjoy the Veeeesitorrrs. There are at least two songs from that particular album in the A-Z so it's absolutely OK to like it. I think it's a Bergmanesque masterpiece. A hymn to middle age, nay, to the bittersweet nature of life itself. What the feck do they put in those antibiotics??????

ejaydee said...

Of course we need Maddy's picture up there!

I've added more songs, and soon I'll put up "songs that don't really qualify so I'll spare Maddy/Dave the new substitute but are still great"

steenbeck said...

I like the additions...Malcolm was dancing to Crash Crew. What a good week for old school hip hop. At least in the minds of RR contributors. Who knows what the powers that be are thinking? Liked Chica chica, and the Wu Tang, of course. We saw Mr. Steenbeck's oldest nephew (23?) This weekend and it turns out he and his Mr. Steenbeck's sister used to live in an apartment building next to Raekwon's. He went trick-or-treating at his house!!

ejaydee said...

No way!!! Where was that?

steenbeck said...

Somewhere in the suburban wastes of central Jersey. Edison or North Brunswick--they all run together. It would have been 15 or more years ago.