Monday, June 16, 2008

More Late Noise

First time posting - so if this works I'll be amazed.  Some noisy or noise related tunes to start the week:

Precinct of Sound
White Enemy
2 am
Noise Polluters
Blast 'Em Out


Blimpy said...

Blinding first post!

Welcome aboard!!

Frogprincess said...

Donds for Blimpy's comment. Great layout - perfectly mastered. More of the same please!!

Blimpy said...

Who is performing the "noise polluters" track?

I'm convinced I can hear Joe Strummer!

Shoey said...

2 Bad Card is the artist. They were intended to be a reggae super-group built around Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie for Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label. It never quite happened although they still put out some awesome stuff.