Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids summer fair

ok so music can be bad for your health.
I managed to ping the tendon in my right shoulder looking for ARE Weapons Sunday night..why can't I have things neatly in A-Z order like DsD eh?
Anyway it hurt a bit until the morning, then it froze- THE PAIN- has been pretty bad..
and so boring not being able to line up an LP for company...
so I got injected with some kind of potion/poison yesterday and now it's painfull but movable.
I can use a mouse to finish off this...hope you enjoy....

Camera Obscura
Hot Chip
Vampire Weekend
Kings of Convenience
The Hidden Cameras
Ed Harcourt
back to the football...


ToffeeBoy said...

Hey saneshane! That Skee-lo track is wack (is that right?) - I'm not a big hip-hop/dance fan but it's always been near the top of my party list.

It's a dead cert for the ToffeeBoy Summer Fair gig.

Nikki said...

Oh no! I'm responsible for your pain!!!

I'm so sorry!!

(did you find "hey world", or what....;-) )

fab playlist by the way (despite the lack of ARE Weapons)

listening to the camera obscura makes me think I shoul go check out their back catalogue; i had heardsomewhere that everything before "let's get out of the country" was a bit rubbish, seems not to be!!

ejaydee said...

Did you actually mean dope, phat, hot, bangin', the sh¡t, the shiznit? Wack is bad

Nikki said...

i have just realised that mrs mcflah is currently logged onto google on this laptop.

it's me!!


ToffeeBoy said...

@ ejaydee - My bad!

saneshane said...

I've always loved that track.. pure for (wack?) having just had my 38th birthday at the start of the month who knows!
see what you think of Young mc 'bust a move' as a non hip hop fan on the above post..
I now have to sleep..otherwise my painkillers ware off...and my brain is so fuzzy RR would be a random shout fest from me.....(what's new says you all)

OH my god I'm FREAKING is blimpy/nikki have you two just merged or...I'm going to bed before ...ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHH

steenbeck said...

Sorry, Saneshane. It's a good list. Didn't know where else to post this...This is my town!!;jsessionid=8C25CC85B036617622CE3198554F11A7?contentId=6804753&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

I'm in there too! my 15 milliseconds of fame. 1) my town is SOOOO much cooler than this (it's FOX news, after all. 2) I didn't know they were coming, I don't usually look like that 3) I hope I don't regret posting this, had a few glasses, in antishipshion of RR

ejaydee said...

Still looks pretty cool, I like your town hall. Is that you showing the colonial mural?

steenbeck said...

Yup, that's me. Wack. Mr. Steenbeck painted the mural.

ejaydee said...

Was the mural in the furniture shop? Is that you and Mr. Steenbeck furniture shop?

steenbeck said...

Yes, that's our store, and it's attached to our house.

Late again? we're off to get Malcolm an ice cream cone, so I want...

Love in War (outkast--let's kiss not fight)
Prelude to a kiss--billie holiday
Kiss me kiss me kiss me-cure
Kiss me with your mouth--Steve Tin Tin Duffy

ejaydee said...

Shame Picky Paws stole everybody's thunder...

ejaydee said...

Oh and the "cute"(really?) farmer too.

Blimpy said...

That news report was hilarious, esp the cute farmer.

Nice town you have there, and very interesting to actually see you, steen.

Can i take a screen grab and post up the picture?

steenbeck said...

It was funny. She did one about the town across the river and didn't mention a snigle store/restaurant, but did show lots of footage of her dog swimming. Seems she's got a thing... No picture, I look rotten.