Monday, June 2, 2008

Herbie and his toys

I went to see Herbie Hancock do a concert in a park today. Unfortunately I got the time wrong and got there late, thinking he came second on the double bill with Macy Gray. Still, when I got there, the latter was singing a Joni Mitchell (I think it was Little Green) song with the former's band, then he played Rockit, everybody cheered when he whipped out the Keytar you see here above and below, then there was a bit of wah-wahing, vocodering and general noodling by the guitarist. After that, a woman came to sing All I Want as if she was trying to arouse everybody in the wet audience which I thought was a failure. Then he did a good Cantaloupe Island, but somehow an electric guitar doesn't quite replace a trumpet. As an encore, there was a brilliant version  of Chameleon, in which Herbie played keytar, grand piano and two other synthesisers. This is probably as close as I'll get to an outdoor festival, it was free, rainy, and slightly muddy. Anyway, I'm happy I saw Herbie Hancock live at least once in my life.

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nilpferd said...

Cool, I've been lucky enough to see him a few times here, once with an acoustic band around the time of the new standards album, but most awesome was his electronic future2future project featuring Wallace Roney on amped trumpet and Terri Carrington on drums.. truly amazing.
There's quite a good DVD of a similar concert recorded in L.A., called Future2future live, which also has versions of the great funk tracks like Butterfly, Chameleon and Rockit, as well as the original Rockit video.