Sunday, June 8, 2008

Within A Toaster Of His Life

Here's my first surreal playlist, which I intend to follow with a special Tropicália edition tomorrow.

Royal Jelly.mp3
Black Sheep.mp3
21 Underwater.mp3
01 Straighten Up And Fly Right.mp3
2-04 Pearly Dewdrops\' Drops.mp3
03 I Told Her On Alderaan.mp3


Blimpy said...

That Black sHeep song is pretty spot on for a parody, no?

Fab and varied playlist, can't wait for the tropicALia edition. Tropicalia makes me feel all summery.

The Neon Neon song is genius, I hadn't heard it before. There's a few tunes around just now, that are so perfectly 80s (ladyhawke, m83 etc) that you'd never guess they're brand new. It's taken a while, but the best bits of the 80s sound have now filtered through, and the crap has been discarded.

ejaydee said...

Thanks Blimpy, Black Sheep is Dewey Cox's attempt at Beach Boys style psych-pop, his Smile if you will. I'll post a clip of studio footage.
I haven't heard M83 yet, but Neon Neon's album is cool.

Mnemonic said...

I saw M83 a few years back supporting The Rapture and bought the album (Dead Cities etc) but, although they make a nice sound,I didn't think they had enough ideas to sustain the whole album and haven't bought anything since. The reviews of their later stuff haven't been encouraging either.

Blimpy, should I reconsider?

Blimpy said...

@mnemonic, go listen to the song "graveyard girl" - i think the video is on (i did post it ages back on the spill) - it being his best tune, should close the case for good.

steenbeck said...

I think "open your mind and learn to play the fucking theremin" is going to become a new catch phrase with me.

Hey, mom, can I have a snack? Not unless you...

ejaydee said...

That'd be something for the kids to tell when they become famous and go on late night talk shows. "She used to tell us...". I love how purposely heavy handed this film is ("I guess this is the end of a chapter in your life")
And you never once paid for drugs! Not once.