Wednesday, August 13, 2008



The not so white cliffs of Saint-Aubin s/ Mer

Well I'm back, back on the 'Spill, but also back in Europe (for good it seems), and after about a fortnight with only dial-up internet I'm finally catching up on the 'Spill, but most importantly I can finally share this song that has been driving me crazy this past week, because it's so amazingly brilliant: Why Can't There Be Love by Dee Edwards, (who also sang I Can Deal With That, which I think is in one my social Cds) and now I want fuzzy guitars everywhere. 50.000 FUZZY GUITARS!!!

Why Can't There Be Love
You Know Baby
The Opening Title Sequence
Going To California
Passin' Me By (Hot Chip Remix)
Sleepy Head

After the discussions on racism and hip-hop, it's a perfect opportunity to post this song by my new favourite rapper Wale:

The Kramer


Frogprincess said...

"Want you back....want you back for goooood!" as Take That said.
Yeyyy Frenchy's on our side of the pond again. Now we can "bitch" about French things again. Gonna be fun.

steenbeck said...

Wonderful list--I like them all.

And I really like the Wale. He sounds a little bit like Lupe Fiasco to me. I think I first heard of him when I was tracking down versions of d.a.n.c.e for a 'Spill post many months ago. I posted a video, but it wasn't the official one, which this seems to be, and which I think is brilliant...

steenbeck said...

Just downloading the mixtape. Thanks for the link.

Shoegazer said...

What's that green stuff in the Channel? Some kind of bio-fuel project or something nasty from the French?

Welcome back