Friday, August 22, 2008

Dada da da da da DA DA DADA DAAAA!

Little known recording artiste produces modern psychedelic classic for soundtrack to no-budget arthouse indie flick:

Luckily it fits this week's RR topic of strangers! As does this following Spill post from back on Valentines Day:

It's that old, old tale;
Boy sees strange girl waiting for the bus.
Boy hopes the bus doesn't show so he can continue to admire girl.
Boy is so in love he loses his place in the book.
Boy sits behind girl on the bus.
Girl gets off the same stop as boy.
Boy asks girl out.
Girl says 'No' to Boy.
Boy never forgets girl.
Boy writes song in the vain hope that the girl may hear it one day, and remember him.

This is that song: 

"Girl At The Bus Stop" - My Drug Hell

File under: "lost classic (but hopefully not for long, eh )"...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those two songs are both as stupendous as the other!!

TracyK said...

Madonn'a last 'fun' track, before she became a string-covered, string-tendoned fun vaccuum. I never really liked Austin Powers though. Really liked the second track, quite a hypnotic groove there. nice choices!

Shoey said...

Think I give the edge to Madonna (wow, how much have I drunk this evening), though both were very fine. Was that a relative of Bobbie Gillespie, because it sounded like him to me? When I googled "girl on the bus", here's what came up:

Peter B said...

MDH is kule.

I really fancy that singer.